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Electric Heating

Electric Heating – Economiser Electric Radiators

The Economiser Electric Radiator is the most energy efficient electrical radiator in our range. The Economiser Electric Radiator uses retained heat energy to maintain fully efficient, radiant warmth in the most economical way possible. Innovative design and accurate control means that this power-saving technology typically uses far less energy than a conventional storage heater, and significantly less than panel or convector heaters, while providing healthy, radiant warmth from floor to ceiling.


There are many benefits to having an Economiser electric radiator, very low energy consumption, German build quality which has a 30 year warranty period, each radiator is fully programmable so each room can have it’s own individual temperature. Our radiators all have accredited VDE GS certification to the highest level.


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Economiser Electric Radiator


The Ultimate Electric Heating Solution – Vantage Radiators

The Vantage Thermodynamic electric radiators are our newest range of truly efficient and high quality radiators that we have introduced. This radiator is an “out of the box” electric heating solution which maintains our philosophy of Performance, Efficiency and Design however they also come at a fantastic price. Starting from only £195 the vantage radiator is affordable for everyone. It Features full programming along with the sleek contemporary design, you will not be disappointed!


The huge advantages of the Vantage Electric Heating System are no painted surfaces, the aluminium alloy is treated with a special costing which doesn’t discolour over time. The Vantage radiator is all-aluminium so its very robust and more effective at dissipating heat which will in turn heat up your property quicker reducing in bill costs. The digital programmer is recessed into the top of the radiator which means you can’t see control panels on the radiator leaving for a modern sleek look.


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Vantage Electric Raditors

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